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Rejoice wrestled open the door of the room she shared with three other absent roommates and took in the morning of 31st December. There wasn’t much to take in though. Everywhere from just a few metres away from her door was blanketed in the thick harmattan fog and if she stretched out her hand to… Continue reading HOME

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The Appointment

Fiction is something I love doing. It’s also something I’m increasingly taking my time over. This piece has been revised so many times since I wrote it months ago. Hope you enjoy reading. Adu paced back and forth in front of the store. He had been waiting a while for the store to empty but… Continue reading The Appointment

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The “Good” Samaritan

Pastor Abban nodded surreptitiously in approval as his maid brought in glasses of water for his guests. She used to be fond of serving up some of his choicest and most expensive drinks to all visitors until he’d severely cautioned her that the drinks were for very important people and water was good enough for… Continue reading The “Good” Samaritan

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He lay prostrate on the cold hard ground, too tired to move a limb. He was so still it was easy to mistake him for dead. His clothes were threadbare and dirty, torn in many places and obviously too big for what one could easily tell was a severely starved body. His shirt was light… Continue reading THE RICH “MEN” AND LAZARUS

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He walks a little bit faster than usual, his need pressing him, a reminder of just how close he is to completely embarrassing himself. Its his weekly walk of shame, one he’s tried to stop, but one’s body is bound to react when one takes two bowls of fufu every Sunday afternoon. He passes by… Continue reading WHEN NATURE CALLS

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HIM He couldn’t think of a better sight to wake up to. There was his wife in the closet across from their bed, standing in the full gloriousness of her nakedness, her back turned to him so he was staring directly at the soft, round globes of her butt. He couldn’t help but stare; at… Continue reading AFTERMATH

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He’s lonely. Its a deep-seated loneliness that he can feel deep inside his being. Its like a hole in his heart that he can’t fill; not with food, not with work, not with books and poems and stories. So he covers it up instead, hides it from the world with laughter and studies and an… Continue reading Loneliness