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A Long Overdue Update

I haven’t updated my blog in a while. I was going to say I haven’t written in while, but it occurred to me that I have, for people and for other websites. But it feels like all of those are nothing when I look back to the last time I updated this blog; almost as if I can’t claim to have written anything in the past few months if I haven’t written anything here.

I wasn’t going to write anything today though. I don’t even have a plan or an idea or a topic in mind and I am dreading the moment this train of thought dries off and I am left staring at a blank white sheet. I only started writing this because Facebook’s “On This Day” program reminded me of a post I wrote and posted on this blog two years ago. I talked about my personal battle dealing with writing relevant topics for my audience and writing things that may not necessarily appeal to that audience but would appeal to me, for example, comparing D.B. Weiss’ and David Benioff’s storytelling abilities to George R.R. Martin’s.

(P.S. My estimation of Weiss’ and Benioff’s abilities has increased since two years ago. The Battle of the Bastards and The Winds of Winter were EPIC.)

Anyway, while reading the article, I realised while much has changed since then – I was worried about the #360WritersChallenge then and now I write for 360Gh – my fears relating to this blog haven’t changed much. I still worry too much sometimes when I should just write. Admittedly, it’s not easy at the moment. The fiction spigot in my brain has completely dried up, I dread writing about my personal experiences for reasons I can’t fathom and I already do too much “relevant” stuff elsewhere to come do the same here. I want this place to be fun.

Now that I think about this though, I feel like I have been hiding behind too many excuses. All I need to do is just, write. Some may turn out good, some may turn out bad, but in the end, I’ll be doing something I love doing.

(P.S. I am so glad my train of thought stuck with me to the end of this one. Long may it continue!)


3 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Update

  1. Yes, this update is LONG overdue!!! And … you think too much! 😀 Here is what your blog is saying to you:
    “Well it’s about time you returned … I thought perhaps you had won the lottery and moved to a remote paradise island! Now that you have remembered me, I should prefer that you visit on a more … er … regular basis, say … once a week or so? And I do not care WHAT you write … just WRITE! Start with a thought … you obviously have more than your fair share of those … and just place your ten fingers on the keyboard and let your mind run free, let the thoughts flow through your fingers. No editing, no worry about spelling or grammar or offensiveness, for all that can be corrected and adjusted once the words are all typed in. Now stop worrying and just write. If you don’t return within a week, I shall come tap you on the shoulder! I am a lonely blog … even the other blogs will not play with me, for they say I am an orphan. 😥 😥 😥 “

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