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Let’s Talk About Sex

At the beginning of the year, one of the things I resolved to do more of was to talk about a few controversial topics: one of them is sex. This article is rated NV for Non-virgin. Proceed further at your own risk.

Sex is dirty. I don’t mean that in the holier-than-thou-my body-is-the-vessel-of-the-Lord kinda way. No, I mean the very act of having sex is a series of very dirty activities. Just think about it. You share gallons of spittle with someone under the guise of kissing; you kiss and caress bodies that have been covered by sweat and God-knows-what throughout the day; and if you’re into oral sex, I don’t need to explain to you how utterly disgusting the acts of cunnilingus and fellatio can seem, if you think about it for a second! Let me not even start on how animalistic, thrusting and humping are.


So why do people still do it? Well along with sleep and Jollof (fix in the prefix “Ghana” or “Nigeria”, depending on your preference), sex is the greatest thing on Planet Earth (If you don’t agree, go and hug your nearest transformer). But for something that is one of the greatest things on Earth, people don’t talk about sex enough. Our culture makes us think of sex as a transaction, something of a give-and-take. Boys giving; Girls taking. That translates into the bedroom too. Generally males are more demanding, and females more submissive and it makes for some pretty unsatisfied sexual lives (yes ladies, guys like it if you initiate sex too!). So if you’re going to do all those frankly disgusting acts, you might as well make sure you’re having the greatest time on Earth. In fact, it is your responsibility. If not you might as well just drink spittle from a cup.

Having the greatest time on the planet involves making sure your partner has the greatest time on the planet. It’s that simple. Remember that adage about it being better giving than receiving? Well, I’m certain whoever said it first came up with that statement after sex (if you’re feeling uncomfortable, well, I warned you). That means, being open about what you like or dislike, respecting the other’s wishes as well as repaying any favors or concessions that your partner makes. For example, guys who are all the willing to receive fellatio but think cunnilingus is dirty and refuse to reciprocate, disgust me.


Lol I’m not judging anybody (those who are reading this and judging me…ayekoo) but I think if there’s one discussion we need to have more, it’s the “Sex Talk”. Guys need to know that sex is not porn; Girls need to know that it’s okay to demand satisfaction; and it will never happen if no one ever talks about it.

If you’re going to roll in the dirt, you might as well have fun while at it.



6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. Lol…we did have a penis workshop once. I never saw that much discomfort on a boy’s face since the apartheid.
    Boys don’t talk about knack enough.
    We know very little about the sack, all of us.
    Many things sha

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