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My little sister is awesome! She’s naughty; she’s funny. She can take a teasing, and dish it out too! She’s smart when she wants to be, and hardworking too, again, when she wants to be.

Up until recently though, I thought she had missed a critical family gene: love for books. I’ve been told I started reading at a very early age but my little sister has taken her merry time to do same. Until now!

It has been fun watching her, mostly because sometimes, it feels like she’s reenacting some of my best work. For example, one of my favorite methods of appeasing my parents’ need for me to study my school work was to place a novel in between the pages of one of my school notes. That way, I could keep on reading whatever novel I had my hands on, while also appearing the model child to my parents. I maintained this habit up until high school! A few days ago, I saw my little sister reading her subject note. That was new to me. She absolutely hates studying!  A closer look showed that there was a novel perfectly ensconced between the pages of the note. I felt proud!

Books have always been our thing. We’ve never had games or pets or extra classes or anything else. All we’ve had are books. Feeling bored? Well, read a book. Not doing anything? Well, where are your books? It’s like our personal family tradition and it’s good to see the little one finally join the party.

She’s going to have to learn moderation though. One time, while she was completely engrossed in a book, my mom called her to the kitchen to come help with the cooking. She stood up from where she had lain for hours and started walking towards the kitchen, with her face still ensconced in the book. I wanted to tell her to drop the book, to warn her about the rollicking she was going to receive if she continued reading at a time she was meant to be helping in the kitchen. I didn’t though. She was so moved by what she was reading, she might as well have been in another world and I just couldn’t bear to bring her back to Earth.

I hope she doesn’t ever stop. Some of the best fun I have had have come from reading books and I hope she has even better experiences


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