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Senior Year Chronicles: Examinations

Exams are over, for now at least. I can now afford to brew a cup of tea, cook up dinner or even check my Whatsapp messages without counting the number of things I could be learning in that time. Yes, I get intense about exams. Most people don’t understand. I don’t blame them however. I don’t understand them either. For example, I don’t understand how one can listen to hip hop or rap or any song with lyrics while trying to study!

I don’t mind exams. Don’t get me wrong. I could do without the stress, the sleepless nights and the malnutrition that come hand-in-hand with examinations. However, I try not to complain about them. Also, I kinda feel that you just have to find your own formula or method and make it work for you. Most people like to rail against exams. They like to complain about how exams test memory instead of understanding; how unfair it is to test in two hours, a semester’s worth of information and how those two hours may make or break one’s life. I understand all of these. I agree to all of this. I also know that railing against them is not going to change the system anytime soon. Things are what they are and until better forms of examining people in schools are rolled out, we’re going to be judged by the present systems. So why not adapt in the meantime? The reality is that the chances of succeeding without passing some of these exams are reduced exponentially. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates dropped out of school and became billionaires, but so do millions of other students, every year. Last I checked, they aren’t all Zuckerbergs. The reality is that you can rail as much as you can about a situation or do something to either change it or to adapt to it.

In the meantime however, I have to get busy now that school is on break. The saying, “The devil finds work for idle hands” was probably coined specifically for me. Luckily, there are a few plans in the works for me, including editing a magazine, planning an ICT training for an orphanage, planning an outreach for an organisation and finally looking at what path I want to follow with my writing. The last point is especially important. I have always insisted that writing is just a hobby for me. However, I don’t write in isolation and it has opened me to a whole new world of people, young and old, who actually take this writing “gig” seriously and suddenly, I am not so sure if I want this to be just a hobby. But all of that is a topic for another day.

In the meantime, exams are over. I am going to brew myself a cup of tea.

~ Senam


5 thoughts on “Senior Year Chronicles: Examinations

  1. You are a smart man! There are many things in life that we may not like, such as exams, or annual reviews in our job, but in order to succeed, most of us need to learn to live within the system, to find ways to adapt. Those who rant against the system would do better to get the best education they can, then go out there and work toward changing the system for the better.

    I’m glad your exams are over, and you can now enjoy a cup of tea and music with lyrics! I’m sure you did a great job on the exams, and I am proud of my little brother! Catch up on your rest, healthy eating, and find time to do something fun during your break! 🙂

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  2. I feel same way about exams mehn. If they’re lurking in the corner, every minute can be spent having learnt or memorized something and this has nothing to do with anxiety. I just don’t know. Ugghhhh


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