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  If I could summarize my 2016 in one sentence, it’d be the question, “What do you have to lose?” Early in January 2016, I received a call from threesixtyGh asking if I would be interested in joining their writing team. I had only been writing for a year or so and had been blogging… Continue reading “WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?” MY 2016 JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY

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Rejoice wrestled open the door of the room she shared with three other absent roommates and took in the morning of 31st December. There wasn’t much to take in though. Everywhere from just a few metres away from her door was blanketed in the thick harmattan fog and if she stretched out her hand to… Continue reading HOME

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Senior Year Chronicles: Christmas Break

I have been in the university for four years now and in that time; there have been about 6 end-of semester vacations. I have spent a large percentage of these vacations on campus and have had the benefit of not dealing with my fear of change. See, I have changed residences quite a few times… Continue reading Senior Year Chronicles: Christmas Break

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Enduring Christmas

My family has been both completely non-religious and devoutly religious over the course of my growing up but one thing has never changed: the absolute normalcy of Christmas Day. We’ve never had any celebrations, any trees, lights, gifts or specially prepared food for the day. It has always been just another day at home. When… Continue reading Enduring Christmas

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Senior Year Chronicles: Examinations

Exams are over, for now at least. I can now afford to brew a cup of tea, cook up dinner or even check my Whatsapp messages without counting the number of things I could be learning in that time. Yes, I get intense about exams. Most people don’t understand. I don’t blame them however. I… Continue reading Senior Year Chronicles: Examinations