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One fact about senior year is, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, thoughts of life after school always find a way of making their presence felt. It may be through an innocuous comment from a lecturer, a colleague exuberantly mentioning the plans they’ve got or even the carefree lifestyle of one’s juniors.

For someone like me who’s still unsure of what life after school means and what it may hold for me, all of these reminders are like small sharp barbs that prick me into discomfort anytime it seems I am almost getting used to the idea of not worrying. When these barbs prick, I spiral into a maze of options I’m not yet ready to face and each road scares me not because of where it leads but because of the other roads I have to give up.

It feels like I am fast approaching a crossroads where I have to make a probable life-long decision on which path I want to tread and I don’t want to ever have to make that decision – at least not anytime soon. At times like this, I reflect ruefully on the opening monologue of the movie “The gods must be crazy” where the narrator in part talks about how civilized man refused to adapt to his environment and instead adapted his environment to suit him and so his offspring have to spend 10-15 years of their lives in schools, learning how to adapt to this re-adapted environment. I have my own addition to the monologue. Isn’t it just messed up that we spend up to 20 years of our lives in schools and at the end a large number of us are still clueless about what we want to do with our lives? Is that not a failure right there of what education is purported to be about?


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