Anecdotes · Ghana


The headmistress talked animatedly about watching the children pour oil on the small puddles of stagnant water on the school compound.

“This whole area used to be full of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Everywhere. During the day!”

“Things have changed now. I know that if anything will kill them, it won’t be mosquitoes or malaria. They know how to protect themselves.”

The pride was clearly evident in her voice. I wasn’t surprised though. I had just had a brief discussion with two of her pupils as they escorted me to purchase an item for an experiment we were planning.

They talked about university, asking if there were any pure science related universities. They both want to be Scientists. Or soldiers, if Science fails them. It is clear they don’t like half measures. They would much prefer attending a dedicated Army training school, if that becomes their calling. They talk about experimenting and creating. They have big dreams about what it is possible to create with Science. I want to tell them about life. About finding out university is not all that it promises. I want to talk to them about money and unemployment. But then who am I to set boundaries on their dreams and limit their creativity?

I smiled as they continued to regale me with all they want to do and I allowed myself to dream too.

Maybe in a few years, I, like their headmistress, will proudly regale others with stories about their inventions.

~ Senam



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