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I believe in freedom. Freedom to do as we like, when we like and however we like. I also believe in the fact that these freedoms have consequences and that other people also have the freedom to react to whatever we say or do as they see fit. Obviously, institutions, religions, relationships and whatever rule-making entity you can think of restrict these freedoms to a very large extent for our collective good but I believe we can find a little wiggle room within our constraints. It seems though that people are unwilling to make use of that little room and try to create more restraints for themselves and they do that through relationships, through unspoken rules of etiquette and courtesy, engagement and conversation, eating and drinking, behavior and how one should feel. Think up anything and there’s a rule for it!

I sometimes wish more people would dare to be free instead of tying up ourselves in as many restraints as we can create.


2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. As you should know by now, I am a strong supporter of freedom also. However, not unbridled freedom. The more humans populate this earth, the more rules we seem to need in order to keep people from killing one another! Unfortunately, that old adage “give him an inch, he’ll take a mile” is so true for some people. And ultimately, it isn’t the majority who rules, but those few who lack humanity and compassion will rule if we don’t have … well … rules. Sigh.

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