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Senior Year Chronicles: Pitching

I had a plan at the beginning of senior year: take up a number of extra-curricular projects in order to make effective use of the little time I’ve got left in school. Participating in an entrepreneurship challenge however was the farthest thought from my mind.  The Students Representative Council of my school was organizing an… Continue reading Senior Year Chronicles: Pitching

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I believe in freedom. Freedom to do as we like, when we like and however we like. I also believe in the fact that these freedoms have consequences and that other people also have the freedom to react to whatever we say or do as they see fit. Obviously, institutions, religions, relationships and whatever rule-making… Continue reading Freedom

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I never greeted my parents when I was younger. That eventually translated to other adults and my parents spent far too much time than they should have, berating me on my very bad habit. Anyone familiar with African culture understands the importance of greetings and its relation to respect, especially for adults and older people,… Continue reading SPACES


The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Originally posted on Sinawo Bukani:
My Blog Name currently is ‘Mastering the Now.’ I think it might actually stay this way forever. But I can’t really promise that, because I have been faulted as a constant evolver. This is probably because I’ll always be a sucker for growth, embracing it constantly with the warmest welcome.…

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Senior Year Chronicles: Leading

Following on from my post about starting senior year of college, I have decided to try to chronicle some of the most interesting occurrences for this final year. Well, one happened at the end of last week. I took charge of a meeting. That might not seem a big deal – chairing or taking charge… Continue reading Senior Year Chronicles: Leading