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Mothers’ Day Reflections

I rarely talk about my family. I don’t know how I developed the art of not talking about them but when you’ve got a Muslim surname as well as Ghanaian, Nigerian and Togolese roots and you’ve grown up always being THE outsider, you soon find out that the least people know about you, the less different you seem.

This week however, I’ve been thinking about what motherly love means and one moment from when I was a little kid keeps coming to mind.

I had climbed on a chair to grab something from a height which my mother and I couldn’t get to without support. While climbing down, I slipped. I was able to balance myself in time and the distance to the floor was short enough that even if I had fallen, I would barely have grazed myself let alone sustained any significant injury.  My mom still grabbed me though and let me down safely and the look of terror in her eyes and the fuss she made afterwards have always stuck with me. It seemed innocuous but it’s made a big impression.

We take motherly love for granted – mothers generally love their children, don’t they? – but that event and many many more over the years have made me appreciate what a wonderful woman I have the good fortune to have as a mother.

As I have grown older, I have realised that she’s human too and she’s growing older, frailer, that little bit more tired. And everyday that passes, I appreciate that she still puts myself and all her other kids first. She doesn’t like Mothers’ Day celebrations. I agree with her: Everyday should be Mothers’ Day. I try to let her know often, how much she’s loved and appreciated but I’ll admit it’s not often enough, so days like today are timely reminders. They shouldn’t however be the only time. Mothers’ Day is a really good time to tell your mom how much you appreciate her. A better time however, is everyday. ~ Senam



7 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day Reflections

  1. Beautiful post and your mother is beautiful also! One thing I would like to respond to, though … you said that the less people know about you, the less ‘different’ you seem. It is those very differences that I love! If everyone were the same, we would live in a boring, cookie-cutter world. Be proud to be different, to be unique! Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. Thanks! I think its sort of s progressive thing. I know I may never be like everyone else around me but I’m learning that it’s cool to be me. Also, my mom says thanks! 😊


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