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On M.anifest:…..To Be Young, Restless and Creative Is Still A Joy

So I came online this morning after tiring of trying to understand my Hydrogeology notes and I am glad I did because I just discovered a wonderful article by Ghanaian artiste M.anifest.

It almost seems like a soliloquy: his; yours; mine; of the kind of conditions that a young artiste has to face in an environment which is very challenging.

Apart from his excellent description, its his understanding of the present struggle for Art’s relevance in Ghana and by extension, Africa, that really resonates. He might be talking about music when he says “I understand too well the burning desire to have your voice heard even without the backing of a traditional label” but it transcends music and into every form of art: Spoken Word, Poetry, Prose, Opinion Pieces. Its an apt description of the artistic scene in Ghana right now by someone at the center of it all.

Art is growing because more and more people, especially of the younger generation want to be heard, to express themselves, to be a force for change in the society and even though we’ve been led to believe Science is the future (see the amount of money we spend to get degrees that end up almost useless), it’s really art that allows us to express ourselves, to be creative, to solve our problems the best way we know how because art for us is “our identity“.

There are many more thought-provoking statements in the article but I’d rather you read it for yourself. Make no mistake however, despite our trials, challenges, broken dreams and seemingly, at times, desperate conditions, its a wonderful thing “to be young, restless and creative in Africa“. ~ Senam

You can find the article here

M.anifest: Art may not feed us but to be young, restless and creative is still a joy


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