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The Price Of Riches

In Friday’s Daily Graphic (Ghana’s biggest newspaper), there was a story about a 19 year old guy who was arrested for offering up his 4 year old nephew as sacrifice for a money ritual. The twist in the tale was that the occultist who was to perform the rituals had actually demanded two chickens but the boy offered his nephew instead since he couldn’t afford the chickens.

Thankfully, the occultist, who is most likely running a shady business anyway, found the little shred of humanity in himself (Frankly, I think he got scared when he realized the extent to which the young man was willing to go. Imagine if the ritual hadn’t worked and the young man came back for vengeance) and alerted the police who arrested the young man and returned his nephew back to their grandmother.

This is shocking, disheartening and despicable. Or it should be anyway. All I can feel though, is a weird sense of understanding of the kind of societal pressures that would push a 19 year old to such desperate acts and make him decide that a human life is cheaper than two chickens!!


3 thoughts on “The Price Of Riches

  1. Nice piece bro keep it up I must say that i have read almost all posts and think the issaues you write about are of great value to development of the society and country as a whole . I really respect and appreciate your works.

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