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The Price Of Riches

In Friday’s Daily Graphic (Ghana’s biggest newspaper), there was a story about a 19 year old guy who was arrested for offering up his 4 year old nephew as sacrifice for a money ritual. The twist in the tale was that the occultist who was to perform the rituals had actually demanded two chickens but… Continue reading The Price Of Riches

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HIM He couldn’t think of a better sight to wake up to. There was his wife in the closet across from their bed, standing in the full gloriousness of her nakedness, her back turned to him so he was staring directly at the soft, round globes of her butt. He couldn’t help but stare; at… Continue reading AFTERMATH

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He’s lonely. Its a deep-seated loneliness that he can feel deep inside his being. Its like a hole in his heart that he can’t fill; not with food, not with work, not with books and poems and stories. So he covers it up instead, hides it from the world with laughter and studies and an… Continue reading Loneliness

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Homeless Again

Preamble: At work this week, we noticed that somebody had been sleeping in the office patio located at the back of the building. Obviously, that’s against company rules and his belongings were immediately packed and thrown away. The patio was re-secured in order to prevent his re-entry but I just couldn’t help but feel sorry… Continue reading Homeless Again