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Too Young To Love?

I have always been baffled by older folk telling younger people, especially teenagers or adolescents that they (the younger ones) are too young to love or to know what love is.

I mean, I understand and agree with the view that dating and relationships should be left for a later age since maturity helps one deal with these situations better but there’s no age limit to the kinda feeling being loved gives to somebody.

Maybe these parents and older people would be able to understand and be understood if they acknowledged that being wanted, needed, trusted or loved  are not feelings exclusive to adults.


9 thoughts on “Too Young To Love?

  1. People in their teens feel love just as exquisitely as older people. Telling them it’s not true upholds the idea that all loves last forever, which is fallacious. Just because it doesn’t last it doesn’t mean the emotion wasn’t genuine.


      1. Personally I feel what teenagers.. adolescents.. call love isn’t really love. Our generation is just in love with the idea of being in love. The emotion back then weighed a lot more than it does now. Way more

        I just think finding real love at such a young age for some people should not be what’s called ‘common’ because it isn’t. These days people just confuse appreciation or relief or comfort with love.


      2. I agree with you on the fact that our generation is in love with being in love, thanks in no small part to the portrayal of love in the media. But when you say, “the emotion back then weighed a lot more than it does now” then I have a problem. How do you tell that love was stronger in one era as opposed to another?

        I also agree that young people may assume other emotions to be love but what really is love anyway? It could be all the three qualities you mentioned or none. We all feel it in different ways. The point of the post was that, whether appreciation or relief or comfort, we should never disregard the human capacity for emotional attachment.

        Lol hope I haven’t bored you with too much talk. I definitely wanna hear what you think…..


      3. What I meant by it weighed more back then is the distraction factor. They gave more sincerity in it than most people nowadays do. They had lesser fancy places to go to ‘chill’ so they invariably had to stay by themselves and actually connect, no extensive media so all the talk and tv they needed to hear or watch was their patners.. I mean.. they had more time to learn qualities about themselves in a space of 2days.. than we in a space of one week.

        no common/easy sex distraction.
        In fact that sex thing confuses the love emotion too.

        All I’m saying is at some times everybody would have felt gratitude for some other person or angry at some other people. Or amazed, or excited or cozy. Everybody has these emotions one time or another. You can’t judge easily whether their anger is real or their excitement is fake. It doesn’t matter. But for love, it does. Some people don’t know it’s not love. They actually don’t know

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