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Too Young To Love?

I have always been baffled by older folk telling younger people, especially teenagers or adolescents that they (the younger ones) are too young to love or to know what love is. I mean, I understand and agree with the view that dating and relationships should be left for a later age since maturity helps one… Continue reading Too Young To Love?

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There are colors everywhere: blue, green, purple, yellow, even ones i don’t know about; a full kaleidoscope of colors and images that stun even as they impress. The colors are accompanied by smiles. Oh! the smiles. Black and white. Green and grey. Wide and Gay. Shy and sly. There’s one on everyone’s face, completely transforming… Continue reading WEDDING BLUES

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What does a 4.0 GPA mean to you? Not a 4.0 out of a 5.0 or 6.0 but a 4.0 out of a possible 4.0. While you wrap your head around that, you should know that the best graduating student at the most recent University of Ghana Convocation ceremony was Dennis Danso Kumi, a medical… Continue reading WHAT DOES A 4.0 GPA MEAN TO YOU?