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Amidst the tiresome run
And the freedom ban
Amidst the horrid fan
And the dirty empty national pan
I know we can
Yes, we certainly can

Though there be trails
Though there be pains
Though the future may look
Dull and bleak
I believe we can
Yes we certainly can

Over the past years
Though it hasn’t been without fears
We pray for more Grace
We shall struggle mostly in tears
But as a nation, we will face our troubles
Yes, we certainly can

Even through the valleys of our corrupt leaders’ bellies
And the low standard of our future leaders studies
In hope and faith we will tarry
For I believe we can
Certainly we can

And we will stand
Against those who are against
Be it those with seats
Even if we be the minority, those with no authority
No say and under legal age,
We still will because we can

Is the nation corrupt
Or the people in it make it so?
Every tree can become a forest
It takes one change in an act by one
And the nation would be what we desire
Yes we can
I believe we can

For we are the solutions we seek
To the conundrums we speak
Of, charred dreams and hopes
Together, can we ignite beneath the smoke
Of eternally burning embers found within
The quiet of our souls, away from the chaotic din
We know we can
Yes we certainly can

We have a duty
To ourselves, to posterity
Leaving the past behind
Keeping the future in sight
Working as one people to make this a better nation
Because we can
Certainly because we can

We are the blessed mountains
Flowing in overflowing fountains
We are gold with many coasts
We are beings with hearts which can hatred toast
Melting it into love’s coast
We stand to conquer
We are Ghana
Yes! We certainly can.!

Let us use the breath that keeps us awake
This is the ingredient needed
To give our natural wealth taste
Let us not just breed critics,
Then we shall blossom in smiles
Tears would speak for our success
For this, let our skins tear first
Our contributions once asleep, should awaken
Let us sunrise
Yes we can!

Yes we can
we will stand on our toes
as like our old foes
with all arms unfold
to make meaning to our name foretold
long live ghana
God bless Its people

Yes we can
Even find creative use for broken dreams
The way empty cans are transforned into cars
In the hands of innovative toddlers
Even if this change be small
We’ll not despair or discard it all
After all
Little faiths move mountains tall
Yes we can

Writer’s Code®        July 1, 2015©

Writer’s Code is a group of some of the most creative writers in Ghana.
YES WE CAN was written for Ghana’s Republic Day Celebration on July 1st.
Check out @writerscode on Instagram and Writer’s Code on Facebook


3 thoughts on “YES WE CAN

  1. Powerful piece of poetry. Inspiring work u did. My favourite line was “Amidst the tiresome run
    And the freedom ban
    Amidst the horrid fan
    And the dirty empty national pan
    I know we can
    Yes, we certainly can” Good job mate 👏 inspired me.


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