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Movies, in most cases, are fictional stories about everyday occurrences but nowadays the acting is generally so good and the stories so well thought out that when an armed man was arrested in a church in Accra where the President of Ghana usually worships, I – with the benefit of all my knowledge about such… Continue reading THE CURIOUS CASE OF MAHAMA’S KILLER

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Last week at about this time I was putting the final touches to my essay for threesixtygh’s #360WritersChallenge. The theme of the competition was “Untold Stories Of Ghanaian Culture” and participants were supposed to write fictional stories which brought to light aspects of Ghanaian culture that are relatively unknown; at least that’s how I interpreted… Continue reading 23:59

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Writing For Me

One interesting about writing, for me anyway, is that no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to control it. Sometimes the thoughts come rushing out, bursting forth like water from an overflowing dam, and at other times they just dry up, often for days on end, like the taps at Adenta. I have… Continue reading Writing For Me

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I Amidst the tiresome run And the freedom ban Amidst the horrid fan And the dirty empty national pan I know we can Yes, we certainly can II Though there be trails Though there be pains Though the future may look Dull and bleak I believe we can Yes we certainly can III Over the… Continue reading YES WE CAN