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Stop the Prejudice!!!


Quite often, no matter how often we hear about acts of abuse or racism against Africans and Black people in general, it is difficult to appreciate the archaic view some white people have of Africa and Africans until one experiences it first hand.

On a social media platform a while ago, I was engaged in a discussion with a group of other users about matters of world peace when a white man insulted me. He called me a warlord and told me to go and fight my wars and leave other matters to the masters.

Frankly, I was bemused. Well yes, we fight in Africa. There are numerous examples in the history books. The Nigerian Civil War in 1967. Rwanda in 1994 and even the most recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa. But even some of these originate from the white man. Yes! I blame the white man for what is happening in Africa. I blame whites for creating territorial boundries. They came to divide us without paying any attention to our culture and heritage. Because of the white man, we have Ewes in Togo, Ewes in Benin and Ewes in Ghana. Because of the whiteman, people of the same tribe fight just because they find themselves on different parts of an imaginary line drawn by the whiteman. People of Jukum in Nigeria fighting people of Jukum in Cameroon. Conflicts between South and North Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Somalia; I could go on and on.

But that stereotype of Africa comprising a group of individuals constantly engaged in warfare is erroneous. I certainly would not have been calmly engaged in conversation about world peace on social media if I was in danger of being attacked by a machete-wielding, bare-chested, bloodthirsty African brother of mine.

I’m not surprised however. The white population are brought up with the notion that whites are the superior race. Obviously, my social media friend subscribes to this view.

I just want to inform my fellow white friend who thinks me a warlord, and every other deluded soul who subscribes to that school of thought that Hitler killed millions of people, Blacks did not start either of the World Wars nor did we develop atomic weapons that can annihilate millions of people at a go.
One last fun fact for my white friend. Did you know that your ancestors came to Africa to learn how to read and write?

– Ceyram Black


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4 thoughts on “Stop the Prejudice!!!

  1. I disagree with many contents of the article.
    Firstly, the whites didn’t divide us as we have been divided even before their arrival.
    Blaming the whites for having ewes in Benin and Togo is clearly incorrect. Like the Fulani people of Africa(a tribe present in Nigeria, Tunisia and so on) who are nomads thus, the reasons why they spread across many territories. We can’t blame the whites for this.
    On the issue of Xenophobia,that’s clearly our fault, there’s nothing wrong if a Nigerian decides to stay in South Africa after all there are South Africans in Nigeria. How can blacks kill blacks?
    But the truth is it’s in the nature of humans to fight and we will always be divided. To live peacefully, we must learn to be tolerant and accommodate each other.

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    1. I dealt with the xenophobia issue on the article “The Ghana Must Go Syndrome” and I agree with some of what you said. However, the writer here blames the white man for specific divisions. We all know the Fulani are nomads. You can’t blame anyone for their dispersion.


  2. ferddhie – I agree with what you have written. There’s a lot that could be said about “why” this kind of misconception about Africans (specifically black Africans) exists in the minds of whites. It’s embarrassing how many Americans think Africa is a “country” and more than one Ghanaian friend told me they’d met Americans who were surprised to discover that “Africans” live in houses – they thought “Africans” lived in trees. Seriously? And how all Africans are lumped together into one category (I guess that relates to thinking Africa is a country). So anyhow I think that prejudice comes from this pitiful lack of general knowledge and it’s partly our poor educational system to blame – and partly it’s a lack of desire to learn about other countries and peoples. I wish more Americans would visit Ghana and other African countries to expand their minds and hearts.


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