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Stop the Prejudice!!!

Quite often, no matter how often we hear about acts of abuse or racism against Africans and Black people in general, it is difficult to appreciate the archaic view some white people have of Africa and Africans until one experiences it first hand. On a social media platform a while ago, I was engaged in… Continue reading Stop the Prejudice!!!

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Graduation is the proudest moment in the life of every student. The family proudly watches on while you walk towards the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aryeetey and other dignitaries, to receive a glorious handshake, as the reward for your years of rigorous academic life is thrust into your hands. The praise, celebrations and once-in-a-lifetime proud and happy family moment begins. Beautiful, isn’t it? But I insist! I am afraid of shaking Professor Aryeetey on my day of graduation. As a matter of fact, thoughts about graduation make me feverish.

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When Thinking Got A New Meaning

Critical Thinking is just a microcosm of what University education is. We apply to the University expecting freedom, fun and great, new experiences but we also expect to be intellectually challenged and developed; a complete difference from what we have undergone in High School.But no! Its more of the same. Longer notes; bigger classes; fewer practicals and of course examinations which test your memory and not your ability. Just like Critical Thinking, the University promises so much and delivers so little. Intellectual development gives way to mental fatigue and sooner rather than later, you ask yourself why you ever thought Critical Thinking or University education would be different.

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The First Time You Find Love

So you’re 16, 17 or 18 when you finally have THE epiphany that will probably change your life forever. You realize that you need a companion. No, not your niggars or your “boys-boys” (sometimes it feels like they’ve been with you since before you were born) but a special person. Someone who laughs at your… Continue reading The First Time You Find Love