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Finding Inspiration


I have had a whole week to ponder on what I want my first blog post to be on. To be fair, there’s no lack of topics to write on. The xenophobic attacks in South Africa have come as something of a shock. Then there’s also the fact that a year after the Chibok girls were kidnapped, they have not been found. Locally here in Ghana, there’s been the curious case of Miss Ada.

I find however that on this occasion, I want to talk about the inspiration behind this blog. The past week has been a roller coaster ride but a few events have made a lasting impression.

First, I heard a “real life” poet recite a “real life” poem on stage. My only other experiences with poems were from anthologies so seeing someone who had made a career out of his passion for poetry was motivational.

Also this week, I joined a group of “real life” writers and my overriding feeling for most of the week has been one of inadequacy. The stories, poems and articles some of these people create makes for beautiful reading and I’ve often, this week, felt like a fraud.

But then I have also been reminded how fleeting life is and the fact that I am not alone in this struggle. I have doubts, fears, hopes and dreams. I can either allow the fears to define me or I can focus on achieving my dreams. I am a geoscience student who loves to write. Will I be a geoscientist or a writer? Can I be both? Will I be either? I don’t know. But I’m going to enjoy finding out what I can do. If you have ever had similar doubts too, I’ll leave you with this advice from someone i hugely respect which has been the inspiration for this post. He said “………just express yourself”.
~ Senam


9 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Pursuing your passion can be quite scary especially when not that lucrative, and here is the case where the economy isnt taking it easy on us.So its a huge dilemma. You’d be lucky to pursue two careers thus if both arent time demanding. But like i always say; “life is too short to waste it on something you doing enjoy doing”.Where is a will, there is a way.. Great Write-up Ferdy!!


    1. Yeah Solomon said in the morning sow your seed and in the evening withhold not your hand, for you don’t know which one shall prosper or whether both will be alike good. Sonny and Solomon think alike here hehe.

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